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I do have to pay the bills, so I hope you’ll purchase my novels and maybe even let your friends and family know about my work. My books are available exclusively through Amazon Kindle and can be previewed, purchased, or reviewed by clicking the link above. Don’t forget, for every book purchased, I’ll donate twenty five cents to childrens’ charities.

While all three books in the Broken Man Series are readable as stand alone stories, I feel they’re best enjoyed as a series. Try starting with Broken Man, progressing to the sequel, Damaged Souls, and then moving on to the third installment of the series, Broken Again. Regardless of order, I hope you find the characters both likable and real and you enjoy my brand of Reality Romance.

One last favor if you don’t mind. I need more reviews, good or bad, so be sure to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. I very much appreciate your taking the time to help a mildly struggling author.

Thanks again for supporting Broken Man.

Christopher Scott


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