broken man new coverExcerpt from Broken Man
Who is this man in seat seven?

Amanda enjoyed his smile, pleasant and well framed against the backdrop of his ruggedly tanned face and close cropped dark hair flecked with gray. But at the same time, she sensed a certain sadness beneath the pleasant exterior, as if this strong, durable looking man had been hurt, damaged, or broken in the past. This man is different, she thought to herself and was surprised at the immediate attraction she felt for a stranger.

It wasn’t just physical attraction, the kind that many people mistake for love and then proceed to ruin their lives accordingly. No, this was more than that. Maybe it was because of the holiday or perhaps it was due to her loneliness, but Amanda had the feeling this man was meant to sit at her table tonight, that some unique circumstances had conspired to bring them together.

Could it be love at first sight? Could it be destiny? Could he possibly be feeling the same thing?

Damaged Souls New2Excerpt from Damaged Souls

How did this happen to us?

Delaney tried to find the answer to her question as she kissed Greg softly on the forehead. If only I’d listened to my heart, if only I had told him how I felt, none of this would’ve happened. We were just too late, she realized their mistake as she felt a tear roll down her face and remembered his words from the night before.

We are in love, Delaney understood what she’d always known as she softly touched his damaged face. We’re woven from the same cloth, cut by the same knife, and now victimized by the same crime. Greg and I are meant to be together, she finally acknowledged their connection by tragedy before leaning over and kissing him again.

We’re broken and battered, yet bound by love. Just trying our best to survive, just trying to heal our damaged souls.

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