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sad-man-silhouetteI always welcome reader feedback, and on a good day, it’s likely you’ll even receive a response. You can contact me at

Thanks again for supporting Broken Man.

Christopher Scott

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  1. Hey I just finished reading the Third instalment in the Broken Man series and wonders is there going to be a follow up! Really need some closure and a bit of redemption!

    • Life slowed me down but there are plans for a 4th book eventually. Thanks for reading and sorry for the 2 year delayed response.

      • Sue says:

        I just finished Broken Again. Did he really sleep with Mickey? I mean I thought that’s what I was reading but I. His musings he made it seem like he didn’t. What were you trying to convey?

        Thanks for reading, Sue. Many think it ruined the entire series when Jack slept with Mickey. Some say it was just a dream. The pitfalls of reality romance.

        I guess what I was trying to convey was the unique ability of men to screw up and then somehow rationalize said behavior. Or maybe just the complications of marriage and relationships. Not quite sure, I pretty much just vomit words on a page and then see what happens.

        One of these days I’ll get around to the 4th and final installment while cleaning up the first three but life has gotten in the way. Anyway, thanks again for reading and be sure to leave a review on Amazon, I welcome both good and bad ones. And be sure to stay safe with from COVID.


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